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Mmmmmmm, late night pie

Well I went to Tomball last night to see my new friend Erika play and sing in one of her first ever performances. It was a lot of fun. And it was especially nice because though it is a long ways from the inner loop (and most of the rest of Houston too), I did not have to drive.

We heard her sing beautifully, though she finished her set pretty early, leaving us wanting to hear more. Then we all stayed around talking for another two hours or so. Finally Mike suggested that he and I should get going, as it is quite a long ways home. On the way he suggested that he was a bit hungry and would I care for something to eat. Of course I would be happy to do that. After a couple of suggestions, he mentioned Late Night Pie. I had heard of this before, but since I had not been, I knew that was the place to go. And so we went. After all, it was late, and night too, so what better place to go that we knew would be open?

Having never been there I was intrigued. One must see it to appreciate it. I think it used to be a mechanic’s garage, but now it is a pizza place. Well we had a pizza. The Italian Stallion. I enjoyed it, though I have had better. But the coolest thing was that they have a Ms. Pac-Man game. Unfortunately I was not able to play the only person in the world who has ever challenged me to a game of Ms. Pac-Man. It had been a really long time since I played the game, so I was a bit happy to come away with a bit over 33,000 points. I even got a free man before I had even been caught by the ghosties (woman? pac-woman? I don’t even know what to call it, so I’ll stay non-PC; after all I’m a Mac guy anyway). So, e, wherever you are, I’m sorry I couldn’t play you head-to-head, but I’ll take a raincheck- winner eats free…


Comment from e
Time: 25 December, 2005, 12:09 am

i’m gonna destroy you dr. dennis…in ms.pacman anyway…i cannot believe you went with mikehon…and didn’t even bother to call…how rude!

on another note…awe…thanks for the nice compliments…

Comment from Steven Wales
Time: 26 December, 2005, 3:22 am

I’ll take y’all on–if you ever see a Phoenix game, that is….

Comment from Mike
Time: 26 December, 2005, 10:14 am

The screen is tiny, but it looks pretty authentic, and it supports 2-player mode. I see a cage match in y’all’s future.

Check it out

Comment from Steven Wales
Time: 27 December, 2005, 12:39 am

I misread everything above (thinking it was about the Ms. Pac-Man table at Late Night Pie–is that really a place?) But any link that makes it to comments is worth a click, and OHMYGOSH! Wow. Maybe with a year of practice I can approach my former skills. These buttons will wear out before I can make it to the third level–the one that looks like a bowl of Halloween candy, can’t remember what it was called….Thanks.

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