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Confessions of a reluctant bachelor

I’m sitting here on the couch, on the side in which normally my wife would be instead of the side where I usually would be, comfortable despite the solitude.  I’m listening to the soulful and melancholy strains of Karin Bergquist, singer of the duo Over the Rhine, and thinking of how much better life is for me now than it was as a bachelor.

It is truly something else.  I always knew that being married would be good; you have a person around all the time that you really like spending time around, you have lots of things in common that you can do, and you don’t have to go home when the day is done because you are already there.

But I had no idea.

This latest stint of bachelorhood is the result of Julisa’s trip to visit her brother on a mission to learn all that she can about doing some work for his school, Dalat International School.  They are planning some fund raising efforts over here and want her to go before them to lay some groundwork.  I know that she will do a fantastic job.

The downside is that it means almost two weeks without her here, and that is tough for both of us.  She has gone on a couple of shorter trips as I have, but this is the longest by far.

The blessing that being married to her has been makes it all the more difficult, and yet it makes me treasure what I have been given even more.  She has helped me learn so many things about being the man God has made me to be.  I’m changing all the time because of her, and I don’t miss any of that bachelor life one little bit.  I love that girl!


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