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Today was one of those days.

You know the kind: you get up, optimism abounds because the world really is your oyster, and you like it raw with all the liqour from the half-shell.  Then soon enough the reality sets in and it becomes very obvious that this particular oyster was not quite as choice as it appeared.

Today was like that.

To start I got up to a beautiful view out my window, light from the dawn not quite illuminating the mountains to the west, but the snow-covered houses and trees all around were quite a sight to see.  It was really cold, so in a sense that was exciting in itself, since I knew that I don’t work outdoors.  As I went off to work I found that the car thermometer said that it was about 6 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (about -22 C).  I thought that was pretty cool!  It was also a little slower on the drive because the road felt a little odd, but still things seemed to be all good.

I was a little later to the local Starbucks because of that, and then my early start managed to get me to work just on time to find that I had a pretty full schedule and a lot of stuff in my inbox.  No worries, though; it is a Monday, after all, and things are generally a little busy due to the 2 day break.

Soon, however, it became apparent that no matter how much I wanted to blame my slowness on my nurse, it was really my own doing for whatever reason, and suddenly my usual hour-long lunch became a 15 minute jaunt downstairs where I had been told that there would be a free lunch provided.  This was great because a drive out to get something would have taken more than 15 minutes anyway, and I didn’t need to start out behind on the second half, right?

So downstairs I went to find the free lunch.

Oh wait- didn’t someone once say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch?  In this case it wasn’t because there was a catch but more because there wasn’t much of a lunch left- they had run out of the main courses and only had some potatoes and carrots left.  More was being delivered they assured me, but it might be a while.  I could get some in a while upstairs.

Ok, I’ll have some potatoes and carrots.  I need to make sure those are in my diet, and I really wasn’t that hungry at the time.  So back up to the office I went.

The second half started off with an onside kick, which I promptly lost, putting me behind right away, and the phone calls, lab results, prescription refills, patient emails, and actual patient visits with their myriad questions seemed endless.  The next thing I knew it was 4:45, I was telling my last patient where to go, and I had another 7 calls to reply to, along with who knows how many other things to do that have to be done sooner or later (and why wait until tomorrow, as there will be more anyway?).

By this time I’ve already told Ben that I won’t be meeting him at the gym for the Combat Calesthenics class, thinking that I would have been out early enough anyway, but the next thing you know, I finally wrap it all up at about 6:30pm.   Good thing I decided against that class, eh?

So out to the car I go.  It is -1 F.  The car started up just fine.  Then as I turned the wheel a little I felt a weird sensation in the steering as if something shifted.  Then the penny dropped.  Or the front end of the car, rather.  That’s when I realized that I had a flat tire.

Great.  Like I said: I’m glad that I decided against trying to meet Ben for that class, because I was not going to make it.  I drove to a place in the lot where the light was better and started into the changing of the tire.  Now, I don’t mind changing a tire now and then, but this is the second tire I’ve changed for Avis in 6 months.  And this one was not easy, considering the lack of good light and the temperature.  But when it was all over, I managed to drive home without incident.  I got home finally at 7:40 or so.

But you know what?  On the drive home I found a station playing a chamber choir singing Christmas music, and you know?  I still had a smile in there somewhere.  Just as things invaded my day today and I had to adjust, so God reminded me that the world had to adjust when He invaded in the form of a baby in a manger.  And we’re still adjusting.

Merry Christmas!


Comment from brenda
Time: 16 December, 2008, 2:24 pm

How fun to find you at my full name dot com! Oh, how you brought back memories from my days as a clinic nurse! I am glad to hear that your last patient was at 4:30, but can relate to still having refills to do and phone calls to return. Add to that making sure all the test results are in for tomorrows patients, …. I sure would have hated to find a flat tire at that time of day! Especially since the day care closed at 6:30!

Comment from m.
Time: 16 December, 2008, 4:54 pm

Maybe that’s why it’s called a “practice” – – – you get to do so
many of the same things over and over.
So the tire was a little variation, the spice of life someone
I can’t believe you enjoyed that music!! You may even
like the CD I stuck in the box I sent, which should be there

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