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…..Good question.  It is 1 in the morning on July 4th and I’m not yet sleepy, so why not post on the blog?  Ok, maybe I’m kinda sleepy, but at least I feel like writing, and that hasn’t been the case lately.  Mostly I’ve been reading.  Reading the news, reading a novel or two, reading work manuals, or just stuff on other people’s blogs.  But it is high time that I wrote something for my minions (and of course for those who also read my blog by choice: “we realize that you have a choice when reading blogs and we thank you for choosing denniswales.com; whether this is your final destination or you are continuing on your internet journey we wish you a safe and pleasant stay while you are here”).

….. Well the world continues to spin on its axis just like always, no matter what the latest carbon dioxide count may be (actually it was 386 ppm last month in the Mauna Loa observatory: that’s 386/1,000,000 or 3.86/10,000 or 0.0386 % partial pressure of CO2, which in turn is something like taking one breath out of a paper bag after exhaling into it almost one time per year.  That’s a lot, right?).  You know, when you think about it, plants are amazing- they survive off of photosynthesis, a process which liberates oxygen but requires CO2, yet the CO2 levels in the atmosphere are far less than  a tenth of 1%, and the oxygen in the air is an astounding 21% of the total air that we breathe!  That is over 500 times the amount of CO2 in the air!  And those fear-mongering, nonscientific, environ-mentalists want to cut down the amount of CO2 produced.  I wonder what the plants would say if they had a voice.

…..We are in the world for a purpose.  As a Christian I of course believe that I am here to glorify God and to make Him known.  But also I believe that we have been given responsibilities by God to be good stewards of those things that have been entrusted to us.  The world is one of those things.  God spoke to Adam and gave him dominion over the earth.  He also gave him the responsibility to care for it and to look after it.  I don’t think that we are doing a good job.  However, I don’t think that going completely nuts about global warming helps either.  I think that it is at once irresponsible science and at its worst, yellow dog journalism.  There is a certain agenda behind many of those who cry that we are headed for climate catastrophe, and though some cry without knowledge of the agenda (they are the pawns for which I feel most pity), what bothers me the most is that many are they who know of the agenda and yet keep it quiet.  They are those who are quick to say that anyone who disagrees is a shill for Big Oil and Corporate greed, for look who benefits from that sort of thinking.  And yet the hypocrisy is that the studies and evidence that comes closest to supporting their position was funded by those who are sympathetic to their cause.  Where are the denouncers of that funding bias?  Anyone?  They are not there because they believe that they win there arguments because of the volume of their shouting instead of the volume of evidence.  What irks me most is that so many of my colleagues in medicine have themselves swallowed these hypotheses as fact without examining the evidence at all.  Truly it is a case of being convinced by repetition rather than by logic and reason, and that is above all, the most bothersome part.  Sure it feels good to fight for the planet, for Mother Earth, and who but the most Philistine among us would dare stand against protecting our home?  How convenient.  Shape the argument in terms such as these and you can’t lose, eh?  Well, I don’t buy it.  I feel responsible to take care of the earth, but it should be done the way I care for my patients- based on the best evidence, not hearsay, conjecture, and speculation.  It should be based on reason, not irrational hatred of corporations or even the feelings of love for our planet.  I love our planet too.  I live here.  But just as I routinely have to educate parents on why we recommend immunizations for all children when they are worried that their child will become autistic because of them, I feel that we need to educate ourselves on what is true and accurate about our climate and the world in which we live.  Sure autism is bad, but an epidemic of measles and your child dying from a lack of immunization would be far worse.   Let’s stop this epidemic of irrationality.  Let’s get some education.  Let’s look at the evidence, not at the speculation.  Let’s be reminded that the warmest year on record was in the 1930s, not in the past decade; that 2007 was cooler than the previous 7 years; and that those who are at the forefront of the climate catasrophe movement have wanted to cripple corporations for many years prior to finding a cause that they could get others to blindly follow.

…..Open your eyes and read the evidence.  Stop saying you are open-minded and be open-minded for once.


Comment from Earthling
Time: 4 July, 2008, 4:16 am

You have minions?!?

Comment from The Doctor
Time: 4 July, 2008, 9:10 am

Well, I don’t think you’ve met any of them…

Comment from m.
Time: 6 July, 2008, 3:47 pm

Am I one? 😉

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