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Sorry for the delays

I have no really worthy excuses for not writing.  I certainly have had more time on my hands since completing the TropMed course in Liverpool.  I have yet to do anything remotely suggestive of real work since then.  If you are keeping score, that would be since May 9th, and as it is currently June 27, that is right about 6 weeks of holiday.  I’m feeling rather German with all this time off.  A few more weeks and I’ll be French!

I will be starting a new job next week, however, so playtime is coming to an end in one sense.  In another sense playtime is just going through a mild period of restructuring.  I am downsizing playtime in an effort to maximize effective use of the time.  Ok, playtime is being given a very nice severence package and will be coming back on a purely per diem basis.  “I think it will be much more effective, don’t you agree?  Great.  I’ll be sure that you get a new copy of the memo.   Yeah.  And I’ll be needing you to come in on Saturdays starting next week, mm-K?  Great.  I’m glad we had this little chat.”

Hopefully I’ll keep updating as I get more organized and settled into a routine at the new job.  If you get to wondering what’s new and I don’t update this, feel free to send me an email and prod a little.  I like to write but don’t always have much reason to write publically unless I have something that I have to share, and even then I wonder who really reads this.  You don’t have to fess-up or anything, but comments are always encouraging.  Except for the negative ones.  They are only encouraging me to get one of my friends to hack that person’s computer and give it a virus that will search for email addresses and send love notes from the user to all of their friends one by one.  How awkward would that be?

Anyway, more to come!

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