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The Cowboy

Ridin’ cross the desert plains the cowboy saw smoke in the air

He knew that meant the Apache were near

He knew that meant the End may be near, but he didn’t fear

Any man.  But they ain’t just any man, ya’hear?

He knew his horse was fast and his six-gun faster

Yet he had no quarrel and just wanted to get through

Ta git back to his home, back to his little spread

Where he had a wife and somewhere to lay his head.

He rode hard once he knew they’d a seen ‘im

He didn’t want to know what they wanted,

Better off he’d just skedaddle like he should-

He stayed in that saddle as long as he could

Soon enough it was dark and he had to rest

His horse did not protest-he was spent

Like a two-bit pony at the fair at the end of the day

He just wanted to drink and munch on some hay

Later though the cowboy woke with a start

He ‘bout stopped his heart when he found he was

Surrounded.  His shootin’ iron would be no good now

Against the ten braves he could see,

I’d bet there were more if you’d’ve asked me.

“Eve’nin,” was all he could think to say, ‘cause he was in a bad way

Savages couldn’t understand ‘im noways.

He knew he was done fer, but it couldn’t hurt to be polite-

They was neighbors of sorts, after all

He wondered if they would scalp ‘im

Or just bury him to the neck near an antbed to watch ‘im suffer

He’d heard they did that to some settlers a while back but weren’t sure

If it was true or just another tall tale like those he used to tell

You know, fer fun even though they might not be ‘xactly true.

“Maybe they’s gonna skin me alive,” he thought to hisself

Or just put an arrow in his gut; that’d git ‘er done.

So imagine his surprise when one of ‘em leaned in close

And spoke: ” White man, don’t mind us, we was just havin’ fun”

They’d just lost a cow and found him instead;

No harm was meant, and nobody was dead

Needless to say our cowboy learned a lesson that day:

Don’t never judge a man ‘fore he’s had his say.

(written for International Night at LSTM)


Comment from The Doctor
Time: 25 April, 2008, 3:16 am

Sorry about the formatting (Or lack thereof)… There should be a few separations in the stanzas that just don’t show up. i don’t think it hurts the verse any, however.

Comment from m.
Time: 26 April, 2008, 8:55 am

Obviously Liverpool is an inspiring place!

Or you’re homesick.


Comment from sdw
Time: 6 May, 2008, 8:33 am

So what did the internationals, think?

Comment from The Doctor
Time: 7 May, 2008, 6:18 am

Well they loved it of course!

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