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Life in Liverpool

The Capital of Culture 2008 has its downsides, but overall it is really a nice place to be.

I have been nominated and accepted (we didn’t actually vote on anything) as the class representative to the faculty board, which has the upside also of being referred to by my peers as any number of monikers such as: El Presidente, Your Highness, Oh Great One, and a few others but to list them would just be blowing my own horn.  Okay so listing any of them has already done that, but I try to keep myself down on the level of my colleagues because invariably a test or something will come along to remind me that I’m not in grade school anymore and the level of competence here is as high as anywhere I’ve ever been in school.

My colleagues are each interesting for many reasons: some have spent years planning to do this upon retirement before going out and doing volunteer medicine for a few years; others are at points in training where this sort of thing may help them decide what field to focus on; and still others have already been out in the tropics for a few years or so and are looking to do this as sort of a transition back into western culture.  Some are from countries where these diseases are common and are only looking to refresh their knowledge of the illnesses and to learn new ways of looking at problems from a different perspective. 

Then there are those like me who are here not really sure how it is going to fit in or what it is going to lead to.  For us, this Friday may be very interesting.  This Friday afternoon there will be several NGOs represented and giving talks about what life is like working for them and hoping to recruit a few of us to help them out.  I can’t say that I will suddenly find my niche, but I’m certainly going to be there for the talks.

Again I am hoping to get some photos of Liverpool and the School posted, but for now, check out the www.liverpool08.com site, along with the school web tour.

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