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New Year Revolutions

Twisting my brain around the thought that I might want to make a resolution this year, after doing so well with keeping my resolution from 2003 (not to make New Year’s Resolutions), which is pretty easy, since it is only a temptation for a couple of days each year, I decided just this minute that I need to at least make some adjustments to the course.  I think that it is clear that I have been in a bit of a “holding pattern” for a little while, having only felt that my jobs in New Zealand and my time in Spain three years ago were truly God-directed pathways (the others were more or less influenced but not clearly guided by God), but now I am about to embark on the next thing that I am clearly directed to do.  I can’t say that it is only things overseas that are “clearly directed,” but it just happens to be that way right now.  I have never been in doubt about what I have been doing with my career to this point even though it is hardly the normal path one in my position would choose.  I believe that God has had His hand in this all along, and if He truly wanted me to sacrifice everything for Him, I would do it, one way or another.  The real issue boils down to what constitutes “everything.”  When Jesus spoke to Peter on the seashore after his resurrection, he suggests that each of us has a unique calling, and that each one of us matters to Him.  What He calls one person to sacrifice may not seem like much compared to that which He requires of me, but that is because He is calling us to sacrifice the thing that is most important to us individually.  Abraham had to sacrifice his son Isaac (at least he had to show his willingness to do so), Jesus had to sacrifice his very life and his holiness, and yet all I am asked is to sacrifice a few things that people consider “normal.”  Frankly I think that I’m getting a better deal than they did.

As part of my “sacrifice,” I am about to leave my job yet again to go overseas.  This time I will not be working, but rather I will be in school once again.  I love school.  This will be a different experience than usual, however, as I will be in another country, one in which the academics are slightly different.  Not necessarily more difficult (could anything be harder than medical school anyway?  Wouldn’t I have to hold my education cheap for not getting it in the UK to begin with if that were the case?), but different nonetheless. For those who are interested, I will be in the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene taking a diploma course for 3 months.  This is something I have had in mind to do for about 10 years.  I finally decided that now is the appropriate time and there is no reason that I shouldn’t do it.  I have no idea what this will do for me professionally, and it really does not matter in that sense.  I know that I need to go and get this diploma because I just know that I do.  Stay tuned while I’m there and we’ll find together what else is in store for me beyond that.


Comment from TLC
Time: 3 January, 2008, 11:04 pm

Yay! I’m so proud of you!

Go get ’em, Tiger!

(That last sentence is especially funny in light of your Facebook profile photo.)

Comment from Jamie
Time: 7 June, 2008, 9:40 am

I know you posted this at the beginning of the year, but its interesting to read it now after you’ve finished your coursework and visited us here a couple of times.

It’s been facinating to dialogue with you during this year of new things for you, and to see what God is doing through you…..!animo!

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