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Good Bye to You

As performed by Scandal and sung by Patti Smyth (not the Michelle Branch song of the same title).

This song dedicated to Chris Burke, one-time hero in the 2005 NLDS, and part-time second (rate) baseman for my home team, the Houston Astros.

It seems that he has been traded along with Chad Qualls and some other guy I don’t really know.  All are going to Arizona and we are getting a new closer, which probably is a better deal for us, but you know, if you have talked with me about baseball, and especially about Burke, I have said for two years or more that we should trade him, play Biggio until he’s done (which he is now), and then get a new second baseman when needed.  Burke was doing nothing as a part-timer, and there is nothing better for a team than to get rid of players like that.  And don’t get me wrong- I have nothing at all against him, it is actually my opinion that he will do better anywhere else.  Lidge will do better in Philly, and Ensberg can’t help but do better in San Diego.  It is the way of things in professional sports.  Look at what happened with Bobby Abreu, Steve Finley, Luis Gonzales, Curt Shilling, and the list goes on.  All of them did ok in Houston, but with a change of venue, they bloomed into the All-stars that they have become.  It works both ways, by the way.  Look at what happened to mediocre Boston Red Sox player Jeff Bagwell.  Now I don’t know that everytime we trade someone that we’ll get a future Hall of Famer, but we’ll let some go and we’ll pick some up along the way.  All I’m saying is that it does no good to anyone involved to hang on to someone that is constantly struggling to fit in a system that doesn’t fit.  Both are better off making a change.  Good luck to those Astros who are no longer with us, and good luck to those who are new to the Good Guys.


Comment from Rob
Time: 17 December, 2007, 1:59 pm


Comment from The Doctor
Time: 17 December, 2007, 2:11 pm

Well, maybe he needs time to think about things. Funny how one can go from being the player he was in 2005, and the run he had in the first month of 2006 to being just anything but a good hitter.

Comment from Diana
Time: 18 December, 2007, 9:42 am

I hate byes.

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