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Where are my priorities? My goodness!

Sorry for being so quiet of late.  I’m usually so much better about this, especially when I’m living away from most of the people I know and care about.   I have a few excuses, though; would you care to hear them?  Really?  Good!

First of all, my computer got a case of amnesia and lost about 2/3 of its ability to remember things short-term, so it couldn’t do everything it used to do so easily.  I looked online at Apple.com and found that this is a known problem that some computers like mine have had, and they knew exactly what to do.  All I had to do was get to the Apple Store in Seattle (actually Tukwila, but who’s heard of that?) and they would take care of it.  They told me it was not going to cost me anything, as it is a manufacturer issue and it didn’t matter that it was out of warranty.  Needless to say I was a bit surprised yesterday when the girl at the store was about to give it back to me, along with my copy of the receipt that showed $0 owed (she had one also), and yet was looking at a screen at the store that said $335.56.

“Um, pardon?”

“$335.56,” she said with a look that betrayed her attempt to conceal her own surprise.

“What?” I said, still not sure what the words coming from her mouth really meant but worried that she was talking about some sort of monetary figure that I was not prepared to pay (neither mentally nor emotionally).  “But this says ‘zero’ dollars,” I protested, my thoughts beginning to align themselves with reality once more.

So she made an exit and in a few minutes came back with not one, but two large men.  Fortunately, I could tell that they were large from their gaming habits and not from hitting the gym, and soon it was clear that they were helping her to understand what was really going on with what her screen said and why it varied ever so slightly ($335.56) from what our receipts stated so eloquently: “$0.00.”

The poor girl.  She ended up making another exit, using them as a buffer to allow her to go and help another customer while they took care of straightening out things so that I could have my computer.  For free, no less!

Then to my wondrous surprise I found out after buying a new 1 GB memory chip, that they had taken my 256MB chip and replaced it with a new 512 MB chip, bringing the memory to a full GB!  Unfortunately, in order to put in the new 1GB chip, I had to take out one of the 512 MB chips, thereby negating what was a free gift.  I think I took the older one (anyone need a 512 MB DIMM for a powerbook?), and now I have twice the computer memory as I had before, 1.5 GB.  If only I could do that in my brain, I’d be dangerous.  Oh wait- I am dangerous.  Just ask my mom about the vegetable soup and the thermometer…


Comment from m.
Time: 5 November, 2007, 10:45 am

Are you actually admitting that your oft-lauded laptop is not
perfect, can need repair or upgrade, or, heaven forbid, BOTH???

Mercy me.

The soup, by the way, is fabulous, and I will try to have it hot and steamy and ready to eat when you return. (Sans mercury!)

Comment from steven
Time: 5 November, 2007, 2:44 pm

Before yet another childhood story becomes a subject of contention, I’ll weigh in as the slightly older, but not so old as to be unreliable, brother:

Yes, the future doctor put the under-the-tongue thermometor into a pot that had watched soup simmer for 24 hours. The glass popped, the mercury oozed, and he lit out.

But there were no witnesses. Fortunately, guilt got the better of him, and he confessed before the HPD had to come investigate four deaths by murder-suicide, etc.

(I wonder if we’d have tasted it, or maybe the cook would have run across some glass while dishing it out?)

Comment from the Good Doctor
Time: 7 November, 2007, 9:14 pm

wow. Such creativity! You should be a lawyer!

Funny how you can recall with such detail things to which you were admittedly not an “eyewitness.”

My defense, or rather, my version of it was somewhat different in that there was no attempt at escape. I at least knew that I had to tell her about it, if only for the fact that the glass melted like wax in a fire when I put it in the pot, and I do not recall even trying to find a way out of it. I knew I was in trouble, but I also knew that it would be worse for everyone if I didn’t say anything.

See, I was thinking of you all along…

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