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I won the Lottery!

Twice. in the same day. That got me thinking. Especially since the first email got through Gmail’s spam filters, which are usually pretty tight. The second announcement
was caught in the spam filter, but it was not as interesting anyway. Too many grammatical errors were clue #2.

The first of the announcements was that I had won the Coca-Cola Lottery in the UK. All due to an email address that was “randomly” matched to a winning lottery number. I won £1,000,000 ($2,014,000USD)! Alas, it was not to be.

The email reads:

“Dear Winner,
We are pleased to inform you of the result of the just concluded annualfinal draws held in Spain on (July31, 2007) by Coca-Cola in conjunction withthe British American Tobacco Worldwide Promotion, your email was amongthe 20 Lucky winners who won £1,000,000 each on the THE COCA\’COLA COMPANY PROMOTION However the results were released on the August 13, 2007 and your email was attached to ticket number (56475600545188) and Serial Numbers (5368/02).”

This is a repeat of similar 419 scams coming out of the dark continent (and elsewhere, I’m sure). Sophos.com has this to say:

“These emails are not coming from Coca-Cola, and there is no lottery waiting to give you millions of dollars for nothing. Scammers who send emails like this are only interested in stealing your identity, and using that information to empty your bank account and use other tricks to fatten their wallets,” said Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant for Sophos. “Email users should always be suspicious of communications like this, as it’s a common trick used by organized criminals.”

My other lotto win was with a Spanish company, but they were only offering 800,000 euros, and my spam filter caught that one.   Maybe I should open an empty Swiss bank account so that if I get scammed, they can’t actually take anything, but the gullible bone in my body can at least be satisfied when I think I might have actually won something.

Oh well, it’s better than reading about yet another hot chick in my neighborhood who just happened to find my email address and is offering me discounts on medications and “male-enhancement” products…


Comment from m
Time: 28 August, 2007, 9:18 am

Ah . . . but I actually did win something. The caddy
dealer doesn’t have my e-mail address!

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