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Waiting for Rainier

This Saturday I went to Mt. Rainier to hike for a while. I’ve been hoping to climb the mountain this Labor Day Weekend with my friend Ben and a couple of his friends, and as it is a rather daunting task to undertake, proper training is necessary. It can be a lot of fun too.

I met up early in the morning with Ginger, a girl who I know through MikeHon, and we drove out to the Park. We arrived at Paradise Inn and began around 9 am and proceeded up the Skyline Trail.  It proceeds 4.5 miles from Paradise Inn at 5400 feet or so to Camp Muir at 10,200 feet.  At first she was saying that she was going to go only a little ways and then go back and wait for me, since she knew that I was training and she didn’t really think she wanted to go all the way to Camp Muir. As it turned out, however, she was stronger than she thought, and she made it just fine. I’m really glad too, because otherwise she would have had to wait a very long time. We made it to the snow line at 7000 ft at around 11 am or so, and had she decided to wait, well, let’s just say she would have had time to both write a book and read it, because we didn’t get back down until 6 in the afternoon.

The clouds rolled in about that time too. The best thing was that the cloud level was about 7000 feet, and we spent most of that time above them in clear and sunny skies. It was nice to keep going all that way in the sun. I couldn’t believe how hard it was every single step with a heavy pack (the weight was more important than the items themselves), but at least going down on the snow was easier. It was really a great day.

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Comment from steven
Time: 7 August, 2007, 9:16 am

You are one lucky mountain goat.

Comment from s
Time: 11 August, 2007, 4:12 pm

the kids and Mary liked your photos. Especially the snow-slide.

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