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The Amazing Fourth of July

Independence Day, 2007. The anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that was adopted 231 years ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Continental Congress and signed by John Hancock and Charles Thompson (it was signed by another 48 members on August 2, 1776). It is always a good thing to read again (or re-read again, for my London friends).

But I digress. The past holds a lot of wonderful history for us, but it is the more recent history about which I wish to write now.

After spending a great 5-day weekend in Houston, I flew to Seattle on the 4th. I had the pleasure of an upgrade to 1st class so that I almost had a nice and comfortable trip. The peace was marred by two things- the chatty-Cathy sitting next to me, and well, just her. The best thing about an in-flight movie is that the simple use of headsets seems to mostly shut down conversation. Now, not to say that she was totally annoying, but she did like to talk about nearly everything that popped in her head. She was certainly friendly, and she told me more than I could have thought to ask about mortgages and flying small planes, but all in all it made for less sleep than I was hoping to get.

I did get a little nap after watching the movie, and that helped out later.

We made it in to Seattle-Tacoma Airport by 3:45 in the afternoon after flying about 10 miles from Mt. Rainier at about 16,000 feet. Wow! That was amazing! I could see Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, and something else further to the south. It was as clear as I have ever seen it here. Such a beautiful day.

Fifty minutes later I finally had my baggage and picked up my rental car. Last time it was a PT Cruiser, which is code for nelly-car, but this time all they had was a full-size Suburban. I feel like I’m driving a luxury U-Haul, but it sure does make me feel noticed on the road. I mean, who’s not going to see a huge white Suburban running them off the road, ur rather, trying to respectfully and carefully change lanes? Suffice to say I got the restrictions lifted off my Man-Card. I just hope I don’t have to take out a loan to pay for the gas.

From the airport I went to Mercer Island, just east of downtown Seattle and met up with the Lovely Diana, who is making her way across the western United States this summer. I met her in a park. it was a bit of a challenge and finally I called and was told to meet her by the “swirly uprising in the earth.” And she meant it. It really was a swirly uprising in the earth! So she was there with her friends Tanya, Nigel, and their boys Christian and Miles. We had a bit of a picnic there before going to their place nearby. Next the ladies and I went down to the harbor and boarded a ferry to crossover to Bainbridge Island so that we could return to Seattle on the ferry as the fireworks in Seattle harbor began at 10pm. Wow. It was so cool to see all over the Puget Sound there were fireworks going up while the sunlight slowly faded into the western sky. This had to be one of the coolest (ha! yes, with the wind on the Sound, I was wishing that I had worn a jacket!) fourth of July festivals to which I have ever been.


Comment from B
Time: 8 July, 2007, 3:53 am

Nice pics!! Wish I had that view:( thanks

Comment from B
Time: 8 July, 2007, 3:54 am

Looks like fun! 😛

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