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The Hands of God, Part 1

It seems that there are those within the realm of Christendom who think that the Church has left its mssion to love its neighbors by the wayside.  Many among our more liberal brethren (and sistren?) feel that the more conservative church is also a more close-minded and close-hearted group, not reaching out to spread social justice and love to those in need.  They will talk about how much we as Christians need to be about bringing “the Kingdom of Heaven down to earth by living lives of service.”  Now all of that is well and good, but trying to engineer social change through politics as many liberal believers maintain as the best way, is really not a good way at all.  To have the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, we must get our own hands dirty, and I submit that many liberal churches fail to recognize just how much conservative churches do within their own communities.  Read this article for a good example of how Christians often get involved right away, long before government sponsored mercy and love (read- “assistance”) has a chance to be dispensed.

In the next (related) post, I am hoping to talk about some of the local ministries that can be found in and around Houston; ministries that don’t put up fancy advertizing or call a lot of attention to themselves, but rather go about day to day meeting the needs of real people and sharing the Kingdom of Heaven with them here on earth.  And a big thanks to Michael for reminding me that liberals are not the boogeyman!


Comment from steven
Time: 28 March, 2007, 8:18 am

So where’s part two?

Comment from Doc
Time: 28 March, 2007, 8:46 am

good question. I should get on that…

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