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Isn’t God good?

I must say that I am once again floored by God’s faithfulness. Once again He has done something that I didn’t see coming just as soon as I was obedient to His command. I suppose a little more information would be helpful about now. Okay, I can do that.

Back in May (you can read about it in the archives) I read a book entitled, Red Moon Rising, which is about the 24/7 prayer movement. While reading the book I asked God to give me something outrageous to pray and then do, as most of the time I pray for the safe things like that I will make the right decision about the next job, that my family will be safe, or that some person I know will have an opportunity to hear about Jesus. But I don’t like to pray for things that are outrageous, like that my church would be brought to its knees in prayer and humility, that my patient’s terminal disease would be healed, or that Sting would become a believer and that I would be honored with the chance to witness the Gospel to him; these things are outrageous, these are outside my comfort zone.

Yet I prayed that God would help stretch my faith. And lo, and behold as soon as I had voiced that thought, the answer was loud and clear in my head. “That’s crazy!” said I, “it must just be my own thoughts, because that is really too outrageous.” I prayed about it for a week and then put it aside. Don’t ask why, because I’m not really sure. Suffice to say, a few weeks ago I was praying and it seemed that nothing was getting through and no answers were coming.

“What is the problem, God? Why all the silence?”
“Because you haven’t done what I told you to do.”
“Oh. I’ll get right on that. [pause] Can you help me with that?”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
“Yeah, I guess I didn’t really want to do this in the first place.”
“I know. But you need to. And not just because I said to do it.”
“But what if things fall apart?”
“Then you’ll know that it was time for them to do so. You trust me, right? You keep saying that you do, so trust me now.”
“Okay. Whatever the outcome, I know that you are with me and won’t leave me. I trust you to provide for me in whatever outcome there is.”
“There. Now doesn’t that feel better?”
“Yeah. Thanks. You’re so good to me. I love you.”
“I know. I love you too.”

[all words attributed to the voice of God are hereby to be considered paraphrased and in no way imply that He actually spoke to me in any physical sense.]

So I did what I didn’t want to do (sorry, no details on the actual task, just the important stuff), and trusted God with the results while I went off to Africa on the first day of November. While in Kenya I found out what happened, and you know, it wasn’t what I wanted, and for about 2 days I was really a little bit disappointed, but I knew that God had known all along what would happen. The fact that He knew and told me to do what I did anyway helped me to get through any bad feelings that I had because of that trust in His sovereign plan.

Here I am nearly two weeks or so later on just happy as a clam that He had me do that because as it turns out, that task that I thought would change things for the worse has actually turned out for the better by liberating me in a way that I hadn’t expected. He really is good to us. How I could ever have a doubt is beyond explaining to me.


Comment from jv
Time: 23 November, 2006, 1:57 am

if it’s the task we talked about… i’m glad you finally achieved. God honors our faithfulness to Him and as you’re finding out you’ll be better off because of it in this life and/or the next.

Comment from BotSO
Time: 24 November, 2006, 6:29 am

I feel like Horseshack, “Ooh, ooh, Mr. Kottah, I know!!!” Congrats on obedience and resolution…

Comment from trey
Time: 26 November, 2006, 11:19 am

it is crazy how “god’s will” as we define it is so fungable. . .thank god (literally) that his will is a bit more solid and focused than we could ever be. . .it takes me going the hard way to learn not to put words in god’s mouth. . .

Comment from Dennis
Time: 27 November, 2006, 4:58 pm

thanks, guys. I appreciate the support that you guys always have for me.

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