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The Word for the Day: Paronomasia

Okay, so I have this, shall we say, condition? It has plagued me for years. It has affected many of my acquaintances to such a degree as some of them, even when I am not around, have moments of silence to reflect upon the memory of how my condition afflicts all those around me from […]

I can tie my shoes all by myself…

…and a whole host of other things since learning good grammar. So when I think of myself as a grammatically challenging topic (as opposed to being grammatically challenged), I am inclined to wonder if I can write about myself without really writing anything personal about who I am as a person.  Now there are those […]

Eliciting Illicit comments…

As you know I am a professional. Usually. What you don’t know (at least not all of you) is that I am not that good at spelling, relative to my level of training. Perhaps I am better than the average person, but certainly my writing is rife with mistakes, or would be if I never […]


Okay, now this catagory has been a long time in coming, but for lack of a better word, I made up one. It allows me to file anything I write that has to do with grammar, math, or sciences all in one catagory. Mostly it will be grammar, but occasionally one or another of the […]