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What in the World?

…..Good question.  It is 1 in the morning on July 4th and I’m not yet sleepy, so why not post on the blog?  Ok, maybe I’m kinda sleepy, but at least I feel like writing, and that hasn’t been the case lately.  Mostly I’ve been reading.  Reading the news, reading a novel or two, reading […]

Medical Oddity of the Month

Check out this story about a girl in Greece and her twin. I have to speculate that this occurred just a bit after she began developing.

Done, Done, On to the Next One

     Barring a very unexpected phone call inviting me to attend an optional oral examination tomorrow for an academic medal, I am now finished with my diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene (yes, I already knew how to wash behind my ears and clean my teeth, so don’t even go there).   Tomorrow we will get the […]

Language learning made easy?

Tim Ferriss writes a blog that I read from time to time and today I read this post about language learning. I found it very insightful, though I don’t expect to be breaking down any new languages any time soon. But hey, you never know.

Tonight! One show only!

Dovie, Heather, and Basim may be the only friends who get to see this, but at about 11 pm GMT there will be a total lunar eclipse.  I won’t see any of it, because by the time the moon rises here (I just saw it set at 8 am) the ecclipse will be long past.  Those […]

A Tribute to Americanisms, Grammatically Speaking

I heard this poem read by Garrison Keillor on Saturday evening while I was in Wyoming.  It made me a bit nostalgic and reminded me of my visit to New Zealand, as well as the times in which I went to other places where English is spoken but not like it is here.  It made […]

Wistfully Thinking

Well, I got my orders, and I’m off to Salt Lake City today. I’ll be there a day and then I’m going to Pocatello, Idaho (Hi-Dee-Ho, Neighbor!), where I’ll be making money once again. There ain’t nothing like work to make a man feel important. Well, I guess being elected to something makes one feel […]