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The Cowboy

Ridin’ cross the desert plains the cowboy saw smoke in the air He knew that meant the Apache were near He knew that meant the End may be near, but he didn’t fear Any man.  But they ain’t just any man, ya’hear? He knew his horse was fast and his six-gun faster Yet he had […]

Robb and I did this 13 years ago

A few of you may remember seeing one of our greeting cards from Christmas 1994 (or 1995?)- I wish I had an image so I could post it, but I’ll see what I can do. But hey, if only we had gotten Burger King and Fox to sponsor it, maybe we’d have a better T-shirt […]


by The Police last Friday night in the Toyota Center.  Bail was a little more than it was the last time they were in town, which was around 1984 or so.   That was when they released their 5th original LP (also on tape).  They released 5 originals and 5 other albums, including a live album […]

The must-see movie of the year!

I’ve seen this film, and it is probably my favorite King-Kubrick collaboration. I hope you can see the trailer!

Take me out to the ballgame,

and spread my ashes around? I’m not sure if this is what I’d do, but then I’m not planning anything like that at this point (and the Astros haven’t opted-in yet anyway).  I can picture it now: “Say, Joe, how’d you win that trophy?”

Cool new Plug-in

Thanks to my faithful guru-like friend Mike, now there is help for those of you (read- “Mike and me”) who access my blog with a PDA-phone can now access the site much easier, due to a nifty little plug-in. Thanks, Mike!

Why no new pictures?

Because I am starting to hate (yes, I know it is a rather strong word for a rather strong emotion, but it is almost true) iPhoto.  I have 6,354 photos in my photo library, and it has to load every one of them (by hand it seems), and everytime I try to do anything that […]