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Been a long time…

Sorry for the absence. I have had a few of my “fans” asking why I haven’t posted in a whlie. I can’t say that I haven’t thought about posting, but I just haven’t had anything that I particularly wanted to say. I mean I could always talk about politics or stuff like that, but then, […]

Star Wars, but closer to home

Well, it isn’t outer space, but it is really cool. Hopefully it will help prevent a lot of casualties in Iraq. Check it out here. And a side note, the Wales mentioned is also not related (as far as I know).  Also an interesting nod to Michael Yon (a citizen journalist who can be read […]

New Links

As my friend Ben is going to be undertaking a trip to Everest soon, I thought it might be interesting to put a link to see what the plan is, so that I don’t have to write a detailed explanation of why it takes such a long time to do this sort of thing.  Most […]

January in Alaska

I can’t tell you how very different it is here.  Only those who have been here can understand it.  It is cold yet not so cold as to feel uncomfortable except for after a long period of time outdoors.  It is dark for so much of the day that it seems like it is always […]

Snow Car

Snow Car Originally uploaded by The Road Tripper. This is the view from outside my window. Apparently the owner hasn’t been needing to drive for a few days. You can see a few more pictures at my Flickr site.

The land of the midnight sun?

Not Anchorage. At least not in January. In fact there may not be any sunshine here for a week. It barely makes it above the horizon as it is, and then we’ve had clouds all day today. But it was a balmy 26 degrees F today, and still is pretty warm, considering how cold it […]

Traveling, but not there yet…

So my friend Dovie has been around the country a bit and was wondering about the rest of us after John mentioned it again. Here is a map showing all the states where I have either spent the night, driven through at least twice, or visited someone for at least a whole day. Of course, […]