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As I take my leave of Dunedin,

I want to say something about my faith and how I would like to live it out. But since I am not the writer that J.I. Packer is, no can I summarize him like Doug Giles, take a look at his article on TownHall.com. I’ll be leaving Dunedin in the morning. No idea if I’ll […]

New Link!

I am reading a book: Red Moon Rising that is about the 24-7 prayer movement. Highly recommended. Here is the link, and I am adding it to the blogroll. Check it out here.

Everything I know (that’s important) I learned before school started

I often contemplate things that seem simple in some ways, yet are forever vexing in other ways. Sometimes the thing itself seems simple to me but difficult to others (in my perspective), and yet in reality the thing itself is more complex than I have realized. Other times it really is simple, and yet others […]

Lessons Re-Learned

With a nod to the “Strong Opinion”, I have been reminded once again of the lesson that I seem to have to review and relearn more often than any other. How often must one learn the lesson of not touching the red hot burner? Twice; once when we are told by a loving parent, and […]

Unravelling the heartstrings

“A woman’s heart is such a complex problem–the owner thereof is often most incompetent to find the solution of this puzzle.”– Baroness Orczy in The Scarlet Pimpernel. Okay, well here’s MY-SO (My strong opinion): attempting to know my own heart has proved to be a complex issue to be sure. To know another’s heart seems […]

Have a heart!

“A woman’s heart is such a complex problem–the owner thereof is often most incompetent to find the solution of this puzzle.” I came across this thought in a novel and wondered what my friends would think about it in this day and age. Does this day and age change the thought (it was written about […]

The Futility of Reason

What does one say to his heart when there is no reason? How does one pray with his mind when there is no thought? When rational thoughts fail, and the heart cannot answer, What is a man to do with the unsettled mind? A heart can manage without reason The mind can exist apart from […]