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Weekend in Mt. Rainier National Park

I finally went to see the biggest mountain in the continental United States- Mt. Rainier (14,410 ft) this past weekend.  It is not the highest, as that would be Mt. Whitney (14,494 ft) in California, followed by three in Colorado, but it is the most glaciated peak and the one with the most change in […]

The Hands of God, Part 1

It seems that there are those within the realm of Christendom who think that the Church has left its mssion to love its neighbors by the wayside.  Many among our more liberal brethren (and sistren?) feel that the more conservative church is also a more close-minded and close-hearted group, not reaching out to spread social […]

For Nate (with apologies)

The following was provided by Eeyore5551 on AOL, who said, “I had a high school teacher who told a shaggy dog every Friday afternoon. His favorite follows…” A prospector was combing the hills for gold. Determined to make his fortune, he spent many a day following the trails up and down the mountain side. One […]

Merry New Year!

I’m currently in Atlanta, GA (in case anyone wants to surprise visit) at the Passion ’07 conference.  Or, if you want to follow along (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!) watch each day as it is put out on webcast!  Please pray for all of the volunteers, all of the speakers, the worship leaders, and especially the students who […]

Other things are a-changin’ too

Some have suggested in the past (not so recently) that I am traveling so that I can avoid the possibility of meeting someone  with whom I might begin a real and meaningful romantic acquaintance.  These nay-sayers think that it gives me great satisfaction to have romantic interests with ladies all over the place without any […]

It’s Snowing!!!

Sorry the rest of you can’t enjoy it.  I can’t really enjoy it much either, because I have to work, and then I get to drive in it.  But even so, IT’S SNOWING! I certainly won’t be seeing much of that in Kenya. Have I mentioned that I’m going to Kenya?  I leave on 11/1, […]

I love it when a plan comes together

even when it wasn’t my plan to begin with. In this case I went to Galveston this morning for a course that I needed to take for my practice. It is ACLS, or Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It is normally a 2 day course for new certifications and 1 day for re-certifications, but as I […]