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You have GOT to see this video

Not a snuff film, but wow!

Basic Instincts

What do “Every Breath You Take” by The Police and “Possession” by Sarah McLachlan have to do with me? Several things. First off, let me apologize to those who read this blog who are not familiar with these two songs. That puts you at a slight disadvantage, but I’ll explain them eventually. The first thing […]

The Amazing Fourth of July

Independence Day, 2007. The anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that was adopted 231 years ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Continental Congress and signed by John Hancock and Charles Thompson (it was signed by another 48 members on August 2, 1776). It is always a good thing to read again (or re-read again, for […]

Who needs the Kwik-E-mart?

Apparently it isn’t only Apu Nahasapeetapetalam.  Read this and wish for such a good squishie to come to your town.

Care for a Stare-down?

or are you Ophthalmophobic? No, that isn’t fear of the ophthalmologist, but rather fear of being stared at, or more traditionally, the fear of the evil eye, which in traditional folklore could harm or bewitch a person. And on a similar note, have you ever stared at an animal that was not familar with you? […]

He’s not my cousin

Jimmy Wales, founder of wikipedia, is not related to me. If he is, then I would feel that I have to give him a talking to. As an educated man I can honestly say that I am fooled from time to time, but usually I know bias when I see it, and wikipedia is full […]


So now I feel even better about what I did on my summer vacation a while back.