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Prejudiced but not proud

Lots of people talk about prejudices, racism, hate crimes, and profiling, and most of those who talk or write on this subject do so with the underlying assumption that they are exempt from these ideas, as though they themselves are uniquely qualified to rant and rave about how one group or another is oppressed or […]

Little Liverpool

I’m working on getting pictures up, but I’m having a bit of trouble with the FTP using the university wifi, so that will have to wait. As an update, I’ve been around a lot of places here in Liverpool so far, and it seems to me that it is a lot like London without all […]

Can I buy a vowel? or at least a carbon offset?

So it turns out that Pat Sajak is a smarter man than I would have guessed, but that’s because most Hollywood types shine brighter as stars than they let their brightness shine.

Look! He’s trapped in an invisible box!

Marcel Marceau died Saturday.  He was 84.  He practiced the art of the dramatic silence- communication without speech.  He was one of the best there ever was.  You don’t have to like what he did, but if you don’t, I guess you’re no friend of mime.

Why I am not “Emergent”

Frank Pastore wrote an essay that explains this much better than I had previously considered, but the “emergent” church (not like a sudden and dire need/ emergency but springing forth like from a seed) is not my cup of tea.  Even though I sometimes drink Guayaki Organic Tea, I think that the emergent church by and […]

Good news from the Eastern Front

Michael Yon, who I think is the only journalist who actually reports the news in Iraq as it happens, rather than as he would interpret it to fit an editor’s worldview that the USA is an evil imperialist aggressor, had this in his latest dispatch.  It is very much worth reading (as is the rest […]

Secondary Instincts

Okay, so I know that I left that last post kind of up in the air without any explanation, no closure, and no real information (except comments about two great songs). So here’s the scoop. As you know I’m working in a large clinic in Washington that employs several doctors and therefore obviously needs several […]