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Confessions of a reluctant bachelor

I’m sitting here on the couch, on the side in which normally my wife would be instead of the side where I usually would be, comfortable despite the solitude.  I’m listening to the soulful and melancholy strains of Karin Bergquist, singer of the duo Over the Rhine, and thinking of how much better life is […]

The end of an era. Or, A New Beginning

Well, another year has come and gone and I find myself at yet another birthday.  As days of the year go, this one is not really much different than any other day, no big holiday to compete with or anything, I’ll go to work just like every other normal Monday, but this one will be […]

Crossing the Rubicon

Julius Caesar, upon crossing the Rubicon River on January 10, 49 BC into northern Italy in defiance of the Roman senate mandate, passed the point of no return, for in crossing the river he had essentially started a war.  He is quoted as having said, “alea iacta est,” which is to say: “the die is […]

Nebraska und Zee Germans (or, “see, Germans!”)

In between my trip to the other side of the world and returning to Washington I had the opportunity to do a roadtrip with my parents from Houston to Nebraska.  I was 2 days back from Indonesia and quite jet-lagged, but it was nice to spend the time with them.  It was different without my […]