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I really do need to write more

Here’s an article in my stead, however.  It is about drinking water and the need (or lack thereof) to drink 8 ounce glasses of it several times a day.

Is There a Trial Lawyer in the House?

This week’s Health Care Report is by another Guest Author. She’s a lawyer. Maybe you’ve heard of her. I read her column regularly but this time I thought I should share it. My only disclaimer is that I am a doctor, and I make substantially less than the “average” she quotes, like most primary care […]

My “bi-weekly” Health Care Update

In case you haven’t been keeping score, I am what you might refer to as “conservative” when it comes to things in which the government might want to interfere. Health care is one of those those things. This is what I do.  I’ve been in it for most of 10 years and I’ve seen a […]

The weekly Health Care post (installment 1)

Okay, so I didn’t write this, but I agree with it.  The Commonwealth is pointing her arthritic fingers at the US yet again…