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Done, Done, On to the Next One

     Barring a very unexpected phone call inviting me to attend an optional oral examination tomorrow for an academic medal, I am now finished with my diploma in tropical medicine and hygiene (yes, I already knew how to wash behind my ears and clean my teeth, so don’t even go there).   Tomorrow we will get the […]

Change of Scenery

Now that it is getting colder I thought it is about time to change the header picture on the blog.  I haven’t quite decided to change the whole theme, but that could happen later on.  This picture is the view from the highway going south to Homer, Alaska, and I, The Doctor, The Travel-Junkie, the second-born prince […]

Practically Joking

I heard this story today (at church no less) and thought of a couple friends. One day there was an actor who was asked by a friend to be in his commercial.  He happened to be the director of this commercial, but he also happened to be notorious for playing jokes on people. During the […]

I won the Lottery!

Twice. in the same day. That got me thinking. Especially since the first email got through Gmail’s spam filters, which are usually pretty tight. The second announcement was caught in the spam filter, but it was not as interesting anyway. Too many grammatical errors were clue #2. The first of the announcements was that I […]

Simpson-size Me

Like I mentioned last week, Robb and I made a card (read- he made a card) several years ago that was a good approximation of what we would look like visiting the home of our favorite cartoonish family.  With a thanks to my parents for saving this and scanning it for me, let me wish […]