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A Grand Trip up the Teton

This year has been one full of adventure, but for the last few months I have been intent on getting ready for the one most recent: climbing the Grand Teton.  Last January around the time of my wedding, Ben Stuckey (one of my groomsmen) suggested to me that he was thinking about planning a trip […]

Climbing in the Rockies

Saturday I got up a little earlier than usual.  In fact there have been times when I have gone to bed later that that, but this particular Saturday I had plans that required such a sacrifice. There are several reasons for that, but none so important as simple safety. Having prepared in advance with driving […]

Waiting for Rainier

This Saturday I went to Mt. Rainier to hike for a while. I’ve been hoping to climb the mountain this Labor Day Weekend with my friend Ben and a couple of his friends, and as it is a rather daunting task to undertake, proper training is necessary. It can be a lot of fun too. […]

Mt. Ellinor (or, “why don’t I do this more often?”)

Well Saturday I went to the Olympic peninsula to do some hiking/climbing.  It was a great day, and although it was a little warm for long pants, I survived well enough.   I ran into a guy who works at the clinic near the middle of the climb- he’s a little younger, a lot more […]

“Mt. Tyndall”, or “How to go 30 Km and up 2100 vertical meters in 29 hours without breaking down”

Rumblings in the evening from the avalanches from mountainsides not so far away reminded me that we were in snow country, despite the heat I felt all throughout the day. When the sun sank past the western ridge it was readily apparent that the heat I so much wished would go away early was indeed […]