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Where are my priorities? My goodness!

Sorry for being so quiet of late.  I’m usually so much better about this, especially when I’m living away from most of the people I know and care about.   I have a few excuses, though; would you care to hear them?  Really?  Good! First of all, my computer got a case of amnesia and lost […]

I won the Lottery!

Twice. in the same day. That got me thinking. Especially since the first email got through Gmail’s spam filters, which are usually pretty tight. The second announcement was caught in the spam filter, but it was not as interesting anyway. Too many grammatical errors were clue #2. The first of the announcements was that I […]

Simpson-size Me

Like I mentioned last week, Robb and I made a card (read- he made a card) several years ago that was a good approximation of what we would look like visiting the home of our favorite cartoonish family.  With a thanks to my parents for saving this and scanning it for me, let me wish […]

You know, sometimes I feel this way too

I read this article and sympathized with the poor guy.  So glad to have a Mac to use outside of work.

So totally behind on the blogging…

Turns out that upgrading my blogging software is not quite as easy as a few clicks after all.  I thought it would be with the new host, since it was before, but after much pain and mental anguish (because let’s face it- the wasn’t any physical pain other than in my neck and shoulders slumping […]