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Mt. Ellinor (or, “why don’t I do this more often?”)

Well Saturday I went to the Olympic peninsula to do some hiking/climbing.  It was a great day, and although it was a little warm for long pants, I survived well enough.   I ran into a guy who works at the clinic near the middle of the climb- he’s a little younger, a lot more […]

Play Ball!

Well, this was over a week ago, but it took my a while to get through all the procrastinating that was taking up so much of my time. Now that I am a bit more combobulated I am appropriately whelmed in the task at hand. I went to Seattle to see the Mariners take on […]

My weekend in Soldotna

So without futher ado, here are the photos I promised.

The Neighborhood Moose

Well he isn’t Bullwinkle J. Moose, but he is something else. These creatures are rather impressive. Here are a few photos.

Going to the Dogs

You have to check out this photo album I did. Thanks to the help of Adobe LightRoom, I have now managed to get my pics loaded on my own website. At least from now on. Check it out here, and be thinking about the up coming Iditarod, the sled race from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. […]

“Mt. Tyndall”, or “How to go 30 Km and up 2100 vertical meters in 29 hours without breaking down”

Rumblings in the evening from the avalanches from mountainsides not so far away reminded me that we were in snow country, despite the heat I felt all throughout the day. When the sun sank past the western ridge it was readily apparent that the heat I so much wished would go away early was indeed […]