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Writing on my iPod

So here I am, just watching the olympics, and realized that I can blog on my iPod now. It’s cool, but it takes way too long to type. Oh well.

Nebraska und Zee Germans (or, “see, Germans!”)

In between my trip to the other side of the world and returning to Washington I had the opportunity to do a roadtrip with my parents from Houston to Nebraska.  I was 2 days back from Indonesia and quite jet-lagged, but it was nice to spend the time with them.  It was different without my […]

Where are my priorities? My goodness!

Sorry for being so quiet of late.  I’m usually so much better about this, especially when I’m living away from most of the people I know and care about.   I have a few excuses, though; would you care to hear them?  Really?  Good! First of all, my computer got a case of amnesia and lost […]

Eat your heart out, MacGyver (and here’s the tool to do it!)

Props to my mom for letting me know about this one.  I never would have thought that I could go jogging, listen to music, open an MRE, and file my nails all at the same time.  Oh wait, I couldn’t do all that anyway without falling down a few times.

An interesting thought about outsourcing

I wonder what the neighbors would think… Report: Many U.S. Parents Outsourcing Child Care Overseas

Robb and I did this 13 years ago

A few of you may remember seeing one of our greeting cards from Christmas 1994 (or 1995?)- I wish I had an image so I could post it, but I’ll see what I can do. But hey, if only we had gotten Burger King and Fox to sponsor it, maybe we’d have a better T-shirt […]

The Amazing Fourth of July

Independence Day, 2007. The anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that was adopted 231 years ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Continental Congress and signed by John Hancock and Charles Thompson (it was signed by another 48 members on August 2, 1776). It is always a good thing to read again (or re-read again, for […]