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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

I applaud Dr. King for his conservative strength in doing what he did for civil rights all over this country and even by extension into much of the rest of the world, but I just wish someone had told me that I had the day off…

Practically Joking

I heard this story today (at church no less) and thought of a couple friends. One day there was an actor who was asked by a friend to be in his commercial.  He happened to be the director of this commercial, but he also happened to be notorious for playing jokes on people. During the […]

Maybe I need to add some color to this blog…

The must-see movie of the year!

I’ve seen this film, and it is probably my favorite King-Kubrick collaboration. I hope you can see the trailer!

For Nate (with apologies)

The following was provided by Eeyore5551 on AOL, who said, “I had a high school teacher who told a shaggy dog every Friday afternoon. His favorite follows…” A prospector was combing the hills for gold. Determined to make his fortune, he spent many a day following the trails up and down the mountain side. One […]

Shades of my 21st Birthday

Everything was in place. We ran into each other two nights earlier at the local corporate coffee shop. We had a fun conversation. We chatted comfortably and naturally. Sure we are not perfectly compatible, but at least we have some things in common. We talked about sushi; she knows of a restaurant that has a […]