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Am I really that [insert word here]?

Creepy is the word I was thinking, but it doesn’t really fit exactly. The idea I am thinking of is how sometimes people (read- “mostly girls”) may say something and my response might be different from the expected in such a way as to concern them. They tend to think that the thing to do […]

The Rain in Spain stays where? (or, Call me Ishmael)

I’m sitting inside the house watching the rain falling in Houston today. It rained almost a foot in the southeast part of the city within an hour yesterday. Several houses and businesses were flooded, many roads were covered, and many cars and trucks were abandoned in high waters. This comes on the heels of rain […]

Freunds, amigos, friends; it’s all the same…

I was just watching one of my favorite movies again and the thought occurred to me that there are friends, and there are friends. Perhaps the English word is not good enough to differentiate the meaning, and so we anglophones often use adjectives to further define the level or type of friend of which we […]

Everything I know (that’s important) I learned before school started

I often contemplate things that seem simple in some ways, yet are forever vexing in other ways. Sometimes the thing itself seems simple to me but difficult to others (in my perspective), and yet in reality the thing itself is more complex than I have realized. Other times it really is simple, and yet others […]