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Plans and Accommodations

Today was one of those days. You know the kind: you get up, optimism abounds because the world really is your oyster, and you like it raw with all the liqour from the half-shell.  Then soon enough the reality sets in and it becomes very obvious that this particular oyster was not quite as choice […]

Dying to Self

Since becoming engaged to marry I have begun to learn some things about life and who I am that I don’t think I ever would have learned otherwise.  There is a part of me that is more selfish than I would have ever cared to admit.  Now, however, I am forced to confront this in […]

Danger, Will Robinson!

To quote the less than cool robot from Lost in Space (1965-1968), some things are just worth worrying about, while others are just not that worrisome at all. I talk to lots of guys about how we aren’t really indestructible, immortal, or otherwise impervious to harm, but I know that they are still going to […]

Why I am not “Emergent”

Frank Pastore wrote an essay that explains this much better than I had previously considered, but the “emergent” church (not like a sudden and dire need/ emergency but springing forth like from a seed) is not my cup of tea.  Even though I sometimes drink Guayaki Organic Tea, I think that the emergent church by and […]

Isn’t God good?

I must say that I am once again floored by God’s faithfulness. Once again He has done something that I didn’t see coming just as soon as I was obedient to His command. I suppose a little more information would be helpful about now. Okay, I can do that. Back in May (you can read […]

A look into the mind of a killer

You’ve heard it said, “thou shalt not kill.”  You’ve read it.  You’ve watched TV shows and movies that iterate that value.  So many things that we hear and see may question moral values that we have, but seldom is this one touched.  Ever since Cain killed his brother Abel, mankind has known that killing another […]

A New Law

With a thanks to MTH, I recently downloaded an album entitled Mockingbird, by Derek Webb. You can get it here. Having known Derek for several years while he was with Caedmon’s Call, I was excited for him when he went out on his own. He has already put out quite a bit of work, and […]