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Danger, Will Robinson!

To quote the less than cool robot from Lost in Space (1965-1968), some things are just worth worrying about, while others are just not that worrisome at all. I talk to lots of guys about how we aren’t really indestructible, immortal, or otherwise impervious to harm, but I know that they are still going to […]

Tertiary Instincts

It seems that part two has created more interest than part one, so here makes the trilogy. I enjoyed my time in Houston. I mentioned the stalker to a few people but didn’t think much more about it. It seemed a harmless little amusement to me. So I went back to work two weeks ago […]

Secondary Instincts

Okay, so I know that I left that last post kind of up in the air without any explanation, no closure, and no real information (except comments about two great songs). So here’s the scoop. As you know I’m working in a large clinic in Washington that employs several doctors and therefore obviously needs several […]

Basic Instincts

What do “Every Breath You Take” by The Police and “Possession” by Sarah McLachlan have to do with me? Several things. First off, let me apologize to those who read this blog who are not familiar with these two songs. That puts you at a slight disadvantage, but I’ll explain them eventually. The first thing […]

The Amazing Fourth of July

Independence Day, 2007. The anniversary of the Declaration of Independence that was adopted 231 years ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania by the Continental Congress and signed by John Hancock and Charles Thompson (it was signed by another 48 members on August 2, 1776). It is always a good thing to read again (or re-read again, for […]

Weekend in Mt. Rainier National Park

I finally went to see the biggest mountain in the continental United States- Mt. Rainier (14,410 ft) this past weekend.  It is not the highest, as that would be Mt. Whitney (14,494 ft) in California, followed by three in Colorado, but it is the most glaciated peak and the one with the most change in […]

Cruising Around Portland town (Oregon)

This past weekend I went down to Portland to spend Saturday with my friend ManDi. She is on her way to North Dakota to take some classes in sign language linguistics, which is through Wycliffe International and is part of her training to be a Bible translator for a deaf people-group somewhere in the world. […]