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Confessions of a reluctant bachelor

I’m sitting here on the couch, on the side in which normally my wife would be instead of the side where I usually would be, comfortable despite the solitude.  I’m listening to the soulful and melancholy strains of Karin Bergquist, singer of the duo Over the Rhine, and thinking of how much better life is […]

Dying to Self

Since becoming engaged to marry I have begun to learn some things about life and who I am that I don’t think I ever would have learned otherwise.  There is a part of me that is more selfish than I would have ever cared to admit.  Now, however, I am forced to confront this in […]

Crossing the Rubicon

Julius Caesar, upon crossing the Rubicon River on January 10, 49 BC into northern Italy in defiance of the Roman senate mandate, passed the point of no return, for in crossing the river he had essentially started a war.  He is quoted as having said, “alea iacta est,” which is to say: “the die is […]

What in the World?

…..Good question.  It is 1 in the morning on July 4th and I’m not yet sleepy, so why not post on the blog?  Ok, maybe I’m kinda sleepy, but at least I feel like writing, and that hasn’t been the case lately.  Mostly I’ve been reading.  Reading the news, reading a novel or two, reading […]

New Year Revolutions

Twisting my brain around the thought that I might want to make a resolution this year, after doing so well with keeping my resolution from 2003 (not to make New Year’s Resolutions), which is pretty easy, since it is only a temptation for a couple of days each year, I decided just this minute that […]

In lieu of a more traditional Christmas letter

(Author’s Preface- I’ve never actually followed the tradition of both writing and sending a Christmas letter detailing the year’s happenings. In fact I have yet to ever write such a letter. I don’t normally send any Christmas cards for that matter. So here it is, right here for your reading pleasure, my first ever Year-End-Christmas […]

A little bit older now

And so I must write an ode to old: I have a suspicion (although not so much tradition,  on this day each year or sometime near) that writing lines of verse show I’m not averse to change. So now I’m older by one Trying to manage what cannot be done -Follow the Leader I try and I do […]