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My own personal “emoticon”

Welcome to the new site!

I hope my readers (both of them!) will like my new site. I have a few things that are scattered throughout the site that never made it to the other blog, so search them out if you want to. I’ll be changing the themes every now-and-then too. So much nicer to use WordPress.

Happy New Year! Start it with a Passion

There is not much I can say about that last post except that it was something that I felt I needed to say and that I am glad that I said it. Thanks for your thoughts those of you who wrote to me. Others may not have written but I know your hearts and thank […]


I shouldn’t ramble, at least not when I’m writing. Telling stories is a whole other experience, as many of you can attest, but when I write, there is never anyone there who I have to worry about, so I feel no pressure to explain odd minutiae, and therefore I have less tangential digressions, some of […]

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! May God have great surprises in store for each of you throughout the year. And remember- all of His gifts are good gifts. Perfect every time.

Mmmmmmm, late night pie

Well I went to Tomball last night to see my new friend Erika play and sing in one of her first ever performances. It was a lot of fun. And it was especially nice because though it is a long ways from the inner loop (and most of the rest of Houston too), I did […]

The Scintillating Journey of Never-ending Intrigue

I. The Search Searching but seldom finding Always seeking though no one is hiding From the firm grasp of the loving Arms that are ever reaching For someone, yet not anyone Can be this one, this one Who is his joy, for whom he’d run A thousand miles to her door if when done She […]